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Field Day Recap

This month, Stroller Strides had a special theme: Field Day! The idea was to play some of the games we played in gym class or on the playground with our friends while getting in a killer workout and some killer laughs. And we did both!

For starters, we played tag - when was the last time you played tag? Like, dodging and running away from a friend because you didn’t want to be the dreaded “It” kind of tag? I can personally say that it's been at least 15 years since I ran around so freely (and clumsily) trying to avoid the “It” fate.

Tag was followed by throwing water balloons in a huge parachute - major arm workout and major splash zone! The kiddos had lots of fun watching that one.

Then came the obstacle course. This was much more challenging than your typical course! It started with hopscotch (fun!), moved on to medicine ball squat + throws (not so fun), then army crawl (OMG), followed by high kicks (OMGOMGOMG), and then walking with a water balloon between your thighs (“please don’t pop, please don’t...gah!”).

After 2 rounds of the timed obstacle course in which we all beat our initial times, woot!, we skipped along to musical “chair pose.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. When the music stops you find your pretend chair and sit back and...feel that burn in your legs! We finished up the games with some ab work and much deserved stretching.

Stroller Strides is always fun and worthwhile, but it was nice to forget about the challenging exercise and focus on fun and laughter instead - and that view at Hilton Park doesn't hurt either! It was nice to reminisce on those young, innocent days of school, to indulge our inner child for even an hour . And it was a great way to show our little ones that exercise can be fun and silly!

I'm looking forward to the next themed Stroller Strides. Can we somehow incorporate these (insert margarita) into a workout? ;)

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