Katie Got Her Body Back

One of the programs we offer at FIT4MOM Seacoast is Body Back. Body Back is a results based fitness program; that offers high-intensity workouts and nutrition guidance from a certified Instructor. All within a safe community of other moms in the very same boat. The small group meet at least twice a week, at the wee hours of the morning, in a beautiful setting (which we have plenty of here in the seacoast), and dedicate this quiet hour to sculpting their bodies and creating realistic nutrition goals for the client and family. Aside from the significant muscle burning and the discomfort of being pushed through limits, it rather sounds like a morning at the spa. And couldn't we all use a little quiet exercise/mommy strength time?

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of our Body Back mommas, Katie, about her time in the program. She's a real mom like you and me: juggling work, family, and personal time, including how to dedicate time and mental energy to getting fit after baby. She's a true inspiration for those moments when getting fit again feels nearly impossible about as likely as making out with Channing Tatum. (You're welcome for dropping him into your mind.)

Read below to see how this momma got her body back! And to learn more about our Body Back program, click here.

1. What's your name, who are you mommy to, and when did you start Body Back?

Hello! My name is Katie Carleton, I live in Lee, NH, and I am the mom of a happy 18 month old boy named Ray. I started Body Back in March 2015. Updated (4/2017): Katie, and family, have welcomed a second baby boy, Leo!

2. What were some of your reasons for choosing Body Back?

I was looking for an intense workout that I could do in the morning before my husband leaves for work. I had tried to wake up on my own to hit the gym, but it just wasn't happening. I needed to be accountable to someone else or a group. Also I wanted a program that had emphasis on what I was eating, as well as a workout. Accountability with both food and a morning workout were key.

3. What words of encouragement would you give to a mom thinking about joining the program?

I didn't think that I could do it, but I did. After having tried and failed to get to the gym early on my own, I figured that maybe I just wasn't cut out to work out in the morning. I loved the idea of it , but just couldn't make it happen. However, once I was in the swing of it, I was used to getting up early and loved getting a good workout done first thing in the morning so that I didn't have to think about when I would squeeze a workout in for the rest of the day.

4. What were your goals going into Body Back? Did you feel you accomplished them? If so, were there any surprise accomplishments or lessons you learned along the journey?

I wanted to firm up and loose weight and I accomplished both. I would still like to loose more weight, but I feel great and got back to my pre-baby weight. I loved it when I could wear the clothes in my closet that I hadn't fit into for months. I am surprised at how strong I feel. I can tell a difference in my endurance when doing exercises that I would struggle with before Body Back.

5. Did you encounter any struggles throughout your program?

The food portion is my biggest struggle, but talking with the Instructor each week helps to pinpoint what I need to work on. My biggest issues have been healthy snacking and water consumption. It helps to talk to others in the group about what they eat for snacks or ways that they get in enough water. We also have a private Facebook page where we can post ideas or articles that relate to our discussions.

6. What is your favorite thing about Body Back?

My favorite thing about Body Back is working out with other moms that are in a similar situation. We focus on the workouts, but we also discuss what is going on with our kids. You get great ideas from other moms, whether it is about a sale at Stride Rite or a stomach bug that is going around. Another thing that I love it that every session is a completely different workout. The workouts fun, but tough. I remember really liking the poker workout. Some of my favorite memories from this summer were early morning workouts in the park watching the day get brighter all around us.

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