Sand castles

The Beach & The Beach Bag

It's a beautiful time of year to live on the Seacoast. The weather is perfect (most days!) for sitting on a beach, and you're never too far away from the beautiful ocean. Before you strut your stuff in a bathing suit, here are some helpful details to make your trip a total win.

First, here's a list of local beaches to enjoy with your family!

Fort Foster: Just a short drive to Kittery, ME! More information at

Great Island Common in New Castle: great green space and playground for kids to run around. Here's more information on fees and parking,

Wallis Sands: there's a beachfront store in case you forget something! #win. More info at

These are only a few of the great beaches in our area. To learn about other beaches and outdoor activities, visit NH Outdoors at

Now that you know which beach your going to, let's prepare for the actual event because, let's be honest, going to the beach is fun, but going to the beach with kids can drive anyone to Crazy Town. Here are some tips for packing beach essentials so everyone can relax and enjoy the day!

  • Sunscreen - buy one the whole family can use so you only have to remember one tube. For information on safe sunscreens, visit the EWG's website here.
  • Cover ups - and not just the stylish kind for mommas. Be sure to pack any umbrellas, chairs, or beach tents you have for shelter from the sun. Pack them in the car the night before so it's one fewer thing you have to wrangle out the door in the morning.
  • Snacks - always bring food, even if there are restaurants at the beach. You never know when hunger will strike or if a restaurant is closed for some reason. Good beach snacks are: sandwiches (1 per person), nuts & raisins, crackers, granola/protein bars, cheese sticks, grapes & watermelon. Pack as much as you can the night before!
  • Water - and plenty of it. At least 1 bottle per person. You can freeze water in water bottles the night before and they will stay cooler for longer in the cooler.
  • Extra clothes - for moms too! Be sure to pack an extra shirt and shorts just in case you end up covered in wet sand poured out of a plastic bucket.
  • Life jackets - a must for little ones and anyone who cannot swim.
  • Bags - try to pack similar items together in small bags which can then go in to one bigger bag that's still relatively easy to carry.

Now, you can be the cool, prepared, fit momma on the beach. Enjoy!

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