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What does 'motherhood' mean to you?

We're so excited to announce our new blog series, "Motherhood" here at FIT4MOM Seacoast!

Through this series, we will discuss all of those things moms are thinking about: Why is grocery shopping so hard now? What are dads really thinking about? Did I remember to put on a bra? How can I possibly love another human this much? Motherhood is crazy and beautiful and with every struggle and success, we want you to know you're not alone.

So, to kick off our series, we asked our moms "What does 'motherhood' mean to you?" It's a loaded question. How do you possibly put these feelings/struggles/doubts/all.of.the.things into words?

There are some days when I run on auto pilot - waking up and entering the sudden chaos of my days and not processing the days events until my body finally falls back on my bed, utterly exhausted.

This question makes you stop and think about what all of this does mean, what is it that keeps us going, day in and day out? Every mom I asked did the same thing when asked this question: looked at their baby(ies). They are the ones who made us mothers after all, so what does it actually mean to be a mother to another person?

To me, "motherhood" is the million ways, big and small, that my two boys have changed me. Most of those changes are have required me to become a better version of myself. Every day, they demand that I give them my best, 110% of me. They ask for it incessantly, unashamedly, and with complete confidence in my ability to provide for them. It's exhausting and humbling all at once. And it makes me grateful for every opportunity to make them proud of who I am.

Keep on reading to see what other mommas said about what motherhood means to them. Hopefully, some of these emotions resonate with you. Ask yourself, "what does "motherhood" mean to me?" and let us know! We're in this together, mommas! #Motherhood

What does "motherhood" mean to you?

"...overwhelming joy and anxiety about what to do!" Kristi, mom to Max, 15mo

"Motherhood means my heart is going to burst with love every single day! It's about being present with Chase, consistent, affectionate, supportive. And I agree, he deserves a happy and healthy mom - so it's about bettering myself so I can be a better mom to Chase every day." Megan, Stroller Strides Instructor, mom to Chase, 20mo

"Love, exhaustion, and emotion you've never experienced" Lindsay, mom to Gabrielle, 10 weeks

"Sleep deprivation, but he's so cute it makes up for it. It makes you proud of him and accomplishments so far." Lisa, mom to Logan, 10 weeks

"It's seeing your heart walk around on the outside. Testing yourself in ways you didn't know existed." Kristina, mom to Jaime, age 6 & Taylor, 4 months

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