Best shape ever with Body Back! »

Katie C

FIT4MOM made it possible for me to get back into shape, with my baby, while meeting other moms with fitness goals. I started with Stroller Strides, which was great because I could work out, without having to find childcare, with other like minded moms. I then signed up for Body Back, which is an intense one hour workout with a food component that meets in the morning before work. I saw noticeable changes in my strength level and lost over 12 pounds in 4 months. Next I signed up for the run club, even though I had never run before, and now we are training for a half marathon with our strollers! FIT4MOM offers such a variety of classes and options you can tailor it to where you are and where you want to be. I wanted to use motherhood as an excuse to get in the best shape ever and I have! Thank you Megan and FIT4MOM Seacoast!!!


In better shape than before baby! »

Cynthia B

I can't say enough positive things about FIT4MOM Seacoast and Megan (owner/instructor)! Prior to having a baby and during pregnancy I never had a regular workout routine and struggled to find motivation and discipline to stick with anything. After having my son and continuing to work full time I found it even harder to find the time and motivation to exercise, but I knew I needed to do something. I started going to Stroller Strides on Saturday mornings and it was a great way ...to spend quality time with my son while also getting a workout in. I found myself really enjoying working out and then signed up for Body Back - which was great because I could go to classes in the morning before work. I quickly gained confidence and could see and feel the changes in myself both physically and mentally. This summer I got involved with run group and am now signed up for a half marathon - something I NEVER thought I would do! Megan is so inspiring, positive and encouraging and I truly enjoy each and every class. I started FIT4MOM to get in shape, but I've gained much more than I ever...


Mom of twins! »

Laurie S

I gave birth to twins in January and began this class in June and I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is! Megan is awesome - motivating, knowledgable, and dedicated . I have always dreaded workouts, but with her, I look forward to them and every class is different.

Megan helped me gain back full body strength including abdominal strength after having had a C-section, and I am in better shape now than I was pre-babies! I attend Stroller Strides 4 days per week , rain or shine, and I'm so happy I decided to join.

I would recommend this class for any mom looking to stay in shape and meet other moms and get a great full body workout!


New to running! »

Kristi R

Megan is incredible! She is extremely positive and always encourages me to do more than I think I can. Her workouts are amazing, I don't think I've ever done the same workout twice! She got me interested in running, I used to hate running. I even joined the running club! From attending Stroller Strides once a week I shed my baby weight in three months less, than seven months after having my son. Not only that but I'm down to what I used to weigh in high school. I joke with my husband by saying, who thought I'd be in the best shape of my life AFTER having a baby!

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